WBSC Oceania

WBSC - Oceania was established to mirror the WBSC structure and operations following the WBSC Congress in Botswana in October 2017.

The WBSC - Oceania is recognised as the umbrella organisation of the National Baseball-Softball Federations/Associations (collectively or individually) within the Oceania region. It incorporates 14 member associations and is the smallest of the five WBSC member regional confederations but is an active participant in the WBSC Baseball and softball family.

The WBSC - Oceania has an overarching role of promoting, profiling and developing the sport of Baseball and Softball in the Oceania region while also using the sport as a tool for social development. Baseball and Softball can be used to help promote education, community development, capacity building, health awareness, cultural exchange and economic development within the baseball and softball community of these Oceania member countries.

Specific Baseball and Softball related objectives of the WBSC - Oceania are to: