Media Information

Media Accreditation Requests

All members of the media who intend to cover WBSC Oceania events may apply for, as well as view the status of individual accreditation requests here.

Media Accreditation Guidelines

Upon getting and using the accreditation applied for on this form front page, the holder of the present accreditation accepts the following conditions:

  1. The holder fully and completely discharges the WBSC Oceania and the organising committee from all claims in any way resulting in injury or damage to his/her person or belongings in this competition, before, during and after the games, including and not limited to injuries deriving from the game or the practice of the game (batting, pitching, etc) as well as any other situation which may occur throughout the competition.
  2. The holder also agrees to be filmed, televised, photographed, identified or recorded in any form during this competition under conditions and for the purposes now or in the future authorised by the WBSC Oceania. The holder irrevocably consents to its use by the WBSC Oceania or anyone authorised by the WBSC Oceania or its designee for any purpose whatsoever without any financial compensation to the holder. The holder consents the use of his/her name in connection with such images. The images shall be the WBSC Oceania‘s sole property. The holder also releases and discharges the WBSC Oceania for all claims whatsoever in connection with the use of such images and his/her name.
  3. The holder understands and voluntarily accepts all rules, regulations, norms and Dispositions of the WBSC Oceania, specially the anti-doping rules and the norms relative to this competition, as well as the norms of the organising committee and its security service.
  4. The holder accepts to undergo inspections by the security personnel of the competition at any time.
  5. The holder understands and accepts the fact that the accreditation is personal and not transferable and that it can be cancelled without previous notice in case the holder violates any of the above rules.
  6. Finally, in the event of a discrepancy towards any decision made in the last resort by the legal bodies of the WBSC Oceania or the organising committee in relation to this competition, the holder agrees that he/she may be the object of appeal solely before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and accepts the CAS as the total legal competence. He/she accepts to bring such a decision before the CAS and gives up explicitly to do so before the ordinary courts or any other legal instance, even to ask for provisional or pre-provisional measures.