Baseball5 goes to PNG
18/10/2019 2 Minute Read

Baseball5 goes to PNG

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Baseball/Softball Confederation is the administrator of the softball and baseball code in Papua New Guinea - through an Executive – who are duly elected every three years. All members of the Executive are volunteers.

The PNG Baseball and Softball Confederation (PNGBSC) is proud to be part of this new discipline sport which is aimed at attracting new players and making this sport a truly global sport; Baseball5.  This is part of the World Baseball Softball Confederation’s (WBSC) strategic movement to build a strong global baseball and softball community by 2024.

In PNG, our target is to reach many school children as possible, increasing the accessibility to baseball and softball, and providing boys and girls from every corner of the country the opportunity to experience Baseball5.

The PNGBSC view Baseball5 as a unique sport and would like to make this a gender-equal and inclusive sport in PNG.

PNGBSC is very committed and determined to ensure that this new sport is embraced and delivered successfully. We believe that Baseball5 will stimulate a whole new interest, especially with school children from the age categories of U15 and U12. A holistic approach to promote inclusiveness and values of respect and honour will underpin the foundations by which Baseball5 will be introduced in our schools throughout PNG.

PNGBSC held a two-day workshop - facilitated by Oceania Baseball Development Officer, Inoke Niubalavu of Fiji - who undertook the training of Baseball in Cuba earlier this year.

The purpose of this event is to create a pool of PNG Baseball5 coaches who will help WBSC Oceania with the development of our new urban, youth-focused discipline.

The workshop was divided into two components:

  1. Theory sessions
  2. Practical sessions

The theory sessions focused on giving knowledge and understanding on the background of WBSC Oceania as an organisation, its role within the WBSC and the Olympic movement, as well as a complete overview of the Baseball5 project.

For the practical sessions held at Bisini Softball Precinct, despite the wet weather conditions, the participants gave their heart and soul to fulfill the program. The commitment from all the participants was highly commendable.

The two-day workshop conducted by WBSC Oceania in partnership with PNGBSC was a great success, and we thank Baseball Oceania for the financial support in covering the related costs.

A total of 21 participants attended the seminar.

PNGBSC will now partner with the PNG Sport Foundation to deliver Baseball5 within the schools in PNG.  This partnership will pave the way for further development of the sport, and also the introduction of the new and vibrant global sport for our younger generation.

We recognise the efforts of Dick Bart Jnr, our Senior Vice President and Baseball5 Coordinator in PNG, who ensured that the two-day event was organised well.

On behalf of PNGBSC we extend our appreciations to the participants who ensured that the event met all our expected outcomes. Thanks and go Baseball5!

PNGBSC Basball5 Development Plans:

  • Coordinate a junior Baseball5 competition to develop local interests and a challenge for players around the country.
  • Work closely with local associations in establishing productive partnerships.
  • Develop highly skilled coaches, trainers, scorers and umpires.
  • Establish quality competitions at the local and national levels. Sports around the world stage competitions to develop highly skilled players. We plan to
  • organise competitions at both the national and local levels in our efforts to develop the best players and technical officials, and stage a spectacular event for the spectators and supporters of the game.
  • Participate at international competitions. There is no doubt that the goal of every player in any sport is to represent their country. We hope to provide this opportunity and at the same use international games as bench marks to gauge skills of our players in PNG.