Clubs providing inspiration for #BackOnBase applications

Clubs providing inspiration for #BackOnBase applications
Following the announcement of the #BackOnBase Grants Program, Softball Australia has compiled a list of success stories from Clubs and Associations who have gone above and beyond in their retention and participation initiatives.

Clubs and Associations race for Homeplate Status, Softball Australia’s highest recognition of Club and Association performance, by implementing programs and procedures in a number of areas.

Crucially, two of those areas are participation and retention, exactly what the #BackOnBase program is encouraging Clubs to innovate in with the new Grants program.

The below list contains Clubs and Associations own first-hand experiences with what has worked for them and how they put ideas into practice.

If your Club is struck by inspiration for your own #BackOnBase Grant, submit a response before the 9 September deadline by clicking here.

Examples of various recruitment initiative that have led to Membership growth or increasing in participation

Examples of various initiatives that have led to improved member retention

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