Clubs rally for #BackOnBase grants
03/10/2020 1 Minute Read

Clubs rally for #BackOnBase grants

The committee selected to award #BackOnBase grants have their work cut out for them after over a quarter of Clubs across the country submitted an application to assist in retention and participation.

“We are so pleased with both the quality and quantity of applications we received for the #BackOnBase program,” said David Pryles, Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia.

“We received applications equating to more than double the $60,000 Softball Australia provided for the inaugural program so our adjudicating committee definitely has some tough decisions to make when allocating those grants.”

Initiatives for retention and participation ranged everywhere from digital marketing campaigns to the introduction of inclusive event days, providing a huge scope of possible campaigns for Softball Australia to work together with Clubs in the future.

“We had some really exciting and comprehensive applications come through that we’d like to expand on from a national and state perspective and we’re keen to get those Clubs involved as well.

“The Clubs who have applied have shown they’re keen to help the game grow so we’ll certainly look to use some of their members and events in future marketing campaigns.”

In conducting the #BackOnBase campaign, Softball Australia hosted Q&A sessions over Zoom in which over 60 Clubs and Associations attended to find out more about the initiative, working together with Member States to help spread the message and encourage applications.

Pryles added the direct interaction between Softball Australia and Member States with their respective Clubs through a digital format was an encouraging sign as the sport adjust to a new ‘Covid normal’.

“Interacting with the States and Clubs directly was a huge goal for us in the #BackOnBase campaign,” added Pryles.

“It’s proven we can still interact efficiently under these Covid restrictions and the operational lessons we take from this period we’ll learn from for the future so we can continue to keep that face-to-face communication line with the Clubs open.”

All Clubs will be notified of their application status in the coming days as the committee continues their selection process.

From Softball Australia.