Community interest grows in Baseball5 in Fiji
31/08/2020 1 Minute Read

Community interest grows in Baseball5 in Fiji

After a successful Baseball5 Coaching Course, interest from clubs has grown this month, amongst children and youths.

This has driven the Fiji Islands Baseball and Softball Association (FIBSA) to conduct more clinics at community level.

The Raiwai Baseball Club has been one of the backbones of the FIBSA’s player development over the years, and has shown an increase in participation amongst non-baseball players trying our Baseball5, including a mixture of both girls and boys.  

A part of FIBSA’s end of the year event plans is to host a Baseball5 competition separately from our baseball program.  We will target our most popular age groups in the sport - which is U12s and U18s – for the inaugural Baseball5 competition in December.

For the next couple of months however, we’ll build on the program and conduct more community outreach clinics.