FIBSA December update
09/01/2021 2 Minute Read

FIBSA December update

An update on the activities undertaken by the Fiji Islands Baseball and Softball Association (FIBSA) in December 2020.

Oceania Baseball / Softball embassies event 

FIBSA hosted a baseball / softball event with Diplomatic Pacific Embassies and Missions in Fiji as they work to build new partnership with Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Nauru, Palau and Japan. 

Another event as part of FIBSA's 20th Anniversary, it was the first time an event included baseball and softball playing countries' embassies from the Pacific. As always, Fiji and Japan competed for the Fiji-Japan Baseball Cup, which Japan held earlier this year. Fiji played well this time, and won the Cup for the end-of-year series. 

We were surprised to learn the number of youths from FSM and Nauru that reside in Fiji for education, they competed on the day, which looked promising for the future of the sport in the region. First timers, Nauru, played really well, which we feel that they could get better with some practice and more game time. FSM had experienced players but most haven't played for a while, but with more practice they could be very competitive in future tournaments. The Fiji team won the overall tournament, and it was a great boost to the development of the games as now we have more teams to play against in future. 

FIBSA would like to thank all the Ambassadors, players and supporters that were involved in making the event a success. We look forward to the next tournament!

Farewell Ambassador Masahiro Omura 

FIBSA presented a farewell gift to the departing Japanese Ambassador to Fiji, Mr Masahiro Omura, as a token of appreciation for someone who for the past three years has shown tremendous support towards the development of baseball and softball in Fiji.

Mr Omura was strong advocate of people-to-people relations with his involvement with FIBSA. Mr Omura said; “I believe in the power of sports and am very grateful to play softball altogether and other activities that I was involved with during my term in Fiji. The success story of the tri-nation softball match between Fiji, US and Japan is another good example of goodwill and cooperation to strengthen our relationship. I wish Fiji Islands Baseball and Softball Association all the very best in the future.” 

Vinaka vakalevu Ambassador Omura for all that you have done for FIBSA.