FIBSA October update

FIBSA October update
An update on the activities undertaken by the Fiji Islands Baseball and Softball Association (FIBSA) in October 2020.

Portable Pitching Mound 

Fiji Baseball finally has a portable pitching mound, thanks to a few parents whom devoted their time and working in collaboration with FIBSA. Players can now train and start learning how to conduct bullpen work, and we will also use the mound during important baseball events. 

Players in the Saipan Mini Pacific Games squad have started using the mound as this has been a major factor that our pitchers try to adjust to during previous international event. The mound is made of wood with an artificial turf rug on the top. FIBSA now is looking at making more portable mounds at different venues where we conduct our clinics and events. We thank all those involved in making this possible.

Building bridges with Baseball/Softball countries 

FIBSA earlier in the month began a new initiative in engaging with Baseball/Softball countries' embassies in Fiji, as part of their 20th Anniversary objectives. As FIBSA's relationship with the Japanese embassy in Suva and JICA continues to grow each year, discussion has now trickled down to other countries - who traditionally have a strong interest in baseball/softball - for future events, who also Ambassadors in Fiji; the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Cuba.

Most of these Ambassadors have never played baseball or softball in their life, so talking ball with them was overwhelming. We now are planning for goodwill event in December that involves all the embassies now associated with FIBSA.

We would like to thank the Cuban Ambassador, Carlos Lago, for hosting us. 

Reviving a softball event after 30 years

After a 30 year lapse, the FIBSA will revive the annual Japanese & American Softball Tourney that was last played in 1990.

The Fijian hardwood hand-made bat was discovered by one of our JICA volunteer Fiji coaches in 2014, and we have since kept it for this momentous occasion. During the inaugural Tri-Nation Softball event held later this October - to commemorate FIBSA's 20th Anniversary - Team Japan and Team USA whom both consist of the ambassadors their staff, families and communities, will compete for the trophy. FIBSA, who is the host of the Tournament, will also put a team together a team and have a round robin winner takes all. 

We gathered that this Trophy was played amongst the JICA and Peace Corps volunteers back in 1990 which will now become the Tri-Nation Series between the embassies; Japan, the USA, and Fiji - the newcomer.