End of Game

The game ends at the end of the fifth inning if one team has scored more runs than the opponent.

Should the Home Team be ahead on the scorecard after the Visiting Team has completed its fifth offensive inning, the game is over, and the Home Team wins.

On matches played over a series of three games, the team that wins two games is the winner.

Tie-break rule

In the case of a tied game, the teams shall play and complete extra inning(s) until one team scores more runs than the opponent.

  • The first extra inning will start with a runner on 1st base.
  • The second extra inning will begin with runners on 1st and 2nd base.
  • Runners will start on all bases from the third extra inning onwards
  • Runners must be placed on base(s) without modifying the batting order.

Run-ahead rule

A game is over if a team leads by 15 runs at the end of the third inning or by 10 at the end of the fourth. Should a team reach a 10 or more run advantage during the top of the fifth inning the game shall be completed.