Types of Pitches

Changeup – CH | is one of the slowest pitches thrown in softball, and it is predicated on deception.

Curveball – CU | is a breaking pitch that has more movement than just about any other pitch. It is thrown slower and with more overall break than a slider, and it is used to keep hitters off-balance.

Drop | The drop pitch will sink as it approaches the batter and it will produce groundball outs.

Fastball – FA | is almost always the fastest and straightest pitch a pitcher throws.

Rise | The backspin on the ball combined with arm angle and leg lift causes the ball to appear to rise as it moves towards the batter, though in reality it simply falls slower than a similar speed fastball that doesn’t have backspin and therefore has a more level plane on its path to the plate.

Screwball – SC | a breaking ball designed to move in the opposite direction of just about every other breaking pitch.

Slider – SL | a breaking pitch that is thrown faster and generally with less overall movement than a curveball.